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 Success stories are never in short supply when in comes to Chiropractic care. The quotes above  are stories of real patients and their recovery through Chiropractic. Please come into the clinic if you would like to view the original testimonials.

Patient Testimonials



In March I was involved in an accident from which I suffered whiplash. I visited the GP who instructed me to take pain relief tablets, but I decided to go to a Chiropractor too.


Alex, there was an immediate relief. The pain was not so bad and this improved as time went on. Because it was important to keep mobile I didn’t have any time off work and because I was virtually pain free.




When I gingerly hobbled into your surgery for the 1st time I was still missing my original chiropractor. He was amazing and got me working again. I thought he was a one off, but not long after receiving your technique I knew that good times were around the corner.


I am now 56 years old; my body and its fitness and mobility levels are now in better shape than when I was 30. I work pain free without pain killers and I play tennis and golf (yes I am even playing golf again) with just a couple of pain killers.


The special care, skill and dedication that I have received has given me back my body (literally). For me Chiropractic is a complete study of the best remedies possible at this moment in time.



I have attended Alex for care to both my knees and back pain. I could not praise Alex’s care highly enough. The treatment I have received has prevented me from having knee-replacement surgery.



Two years ago I developed sciatica after aggravating an ongoing back problem. My GP said that it was the worst case she had seen, and after X-rays a diagnosis of arthritis was confirmed. I could not sit or stand without pain. Walking was slow and laborious, extremely painful and I needed the support of furniture and walls. The effect this had on my work and home life was immense.


I made an emergency appointment to see Alex Bowling. I was impressed with the initial consultation feeling that I could place my confidence in him and the treatment he was suggesting. I felt that someone understood my back problem and would support me in my decision to avoid an operation and the need for painkilling drugs.


Two years on: I am much more mobile. I can stand up straight, walk at some length and carry on as normal with minor adjustments. None of this would have been possible without the treatment care and support provided by Alex. I have been treated as an individual with true professionalism.



When I 1st went to see Alex Bowling I was suffering with numbness and severe pain down my left leg. I couldn’t walk very far without having to sit down as the pain was so bad.


After a few months of treatment I cannot believe the improvement in my condition. I still get the occasional pain, but nothing I can’t cope with.  Excellent diagnosis and treatment of my condition. Like most people, I was dubious about going to a chiropractor, but in all honesty I can say I would definitely recommend Alex Bowling as he has done an excellent job for me.



I have been in terrible pain with my hip, low back and neck (though old injuries).


Alex has a great attitude and his acupuncture and manipulation have reduced swelling and pain in those areas to a minimum now. Its brought me back to a normal life, work wise and otherwise.


Alex is a great Chiropractor. The best.



During moving house I did a lot of lifting boxes. The result was considerable pain in my low back. I could hardly walk, sleep, sit or do anything really. I did most things like making the bed and filling the washing machine on my knees!


We have a complimentary medicine practice attached to our Doctors surgery so I went for treatment to an Osteopath. He put me through what I can only describe as torture. During my 1st treatment my husband heard me screaming whilst in the waiting room and every time I left the Osteopath in tears and appeared to be getting worse rather than better.


I was in such a despondent state that my husband took me to see Alex Bowling. I went to him in a very nervous state and frightened of being hurt again. He took some X-rays of my back and I went back the following day to be told that I had 2 compression fractures. No wonder I had been in so much pain!


Alex was amazing- so gentle and he explained everything he was going to do. He took things slowly and gradually I improved. The fractures healed and I began to be able to do things again like walking, driving housework etc. my back is now so much better and I only need treatment every 8-12 weeks to keep it in good order.


I cant praise Alex enough for his knowledge, professionalism and caring manner. I am totally indebted to him for the way I can live my life again.

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