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SPINAL SCREENING. 01823 336 886

Many people are unsure about whether they should visit a chiropractor as they may have heard various different points of view.  Also, it's hard to commit to spending money on a treatment when you're unsure if it can help your problem at all.


Here at Taunton Chiropractors Centre, we aim to make the process of the first contact with a new patient as easy and as relaxed as possible.  This is why we offer you a chance to meet with one of our Chirporactors and discuss your concerns free of charge.


Spinal screenings are informal appointments with one of our chiropractors to simply talk about your health concerns, whether it will be a recent injury, long standing pain or an illness. These appointments are usually 15 minutes long.


A short medical history may be taken, and if necessary a brief physical examination is done though no treatment takes place.


These screenings offer you a way to get in contact with the clinic and find out if chiropractic may be beneficial. At the end of your screening you may choose to book an  initial consultation with us. All this before any money is spent.  


With their experience & qualifications, our Chiropractors are very happy to voice their opinions and in cases where they think that chiropractic won't be helpful, they can help by signposting you to another health professional.


So, if you have any pains, niggles, or any other concerns with regards to your health, or that of a friend or family member, why not give our receptionists a call and book a Free Spinal Screening on (01823) 336 886.


We look forward to taking care of you.

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