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Taunton Chiropractors; Your first appointment.

When people first call us, most are worried and in pain. Below, we have tried to describe what you can expect here at the clinic. After completing the initial paperwork, your Doctor of Chiropractic will begin by taking a full 'case history' including past medical records and details of any previous injuries.


We will then go through a series of movements and simple tests to determine what has gone wrong to cause your pain.

When you first call, you'll be speaking to Emma or Shona at reception 01823 336 886.

They will help you find a convenient time for you to come in to the centre.


It's easy to find  free parking is less than a minute walk away.

Please allow for 10 minutes before your appointment time in order to go through some paperwork.


You can familiarise yourself with the clinic by moving around the virtual tour below;

Less than 5% of our patients require X-rays or a scan.  When we request these and organise them for you, its either because we need to rule out serious conditions or to assist us in assessing the most effective treatment  for you.


Having taken your case history and examined you, your Chiropractor will explain in detail your diagnosis and recommend a personalized treatment plan. When the treatment plan has been agreed, treatment can begin.

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Call us now on 01823 336 886 to see how we can help TODAY.